The Film Industries go to solution for dramatically reducing rain noise,
therefore, stopping the need to pause productions, saving time & money.
Just some of the Companies we have worked with in the past 4 years.
Rain Noise a Problem to You?   We Have the Solution here at Silent Roof
Dramatically Reduces Rain Noise on any Metal or other Hard Surface Roof Structure
What We Do
We at Silent Roof have developed a solution to the problem of rain noise emanating from hard roof surfaces into the working space beneath. We use our Rain Noise Reduction Technology Material on surfaces such as Profile Metal Sheeting.

Once installed the space below the treated roof surface immediately benefits from a dramatic reduction in rain noise pollution.
The images and videos on this site illustrate how the Silent Roof material is applied to Profile Metal Roofs.
Who We Are
Silent Roof is the sole Worldwide supplier of our Silent Roof material that Dramatically Reduces the rain noise emanating from roof surfaces. We are based on the south coast of the UK, our registered office is in Torquay, Devon, UK. We undertake installations throughout the UK subject to certain limitations and supply our unique Silent Roof material to installers worldwide. Interested in talking to us about your project? Interested in export? Have a look further down this page or give us a call. 
Telephone: +44 (0)1803 203445   Mobile: +44 (0)77865 76659 
How Does It Work ... Hearing is Believing
How can I stop that rain noise is the usual question You can’t stop the rain, but Silent Roof will dramatically reduce rain noise to a whisper.
The short video clip to the left demonstrates audibly the effect of water dropping onto a metal surface.
This simulates rain noise with and without the benefit of a covering of Silent Roof material on a hard surface.  REMEMBER, turn up the volume of your device before pressing the play button. It’s the soundtrack that is of interest as well as the video.
Profile Metal Roofing Panels – We Can Dramatically Reduce Rain Noise
In situations where rain noise on a metal profile or composite roofing material is affecting the workspace below give us a call at Silent Roof, 
we have the solution to your problem. In association with the world leading manufacturer of three-dimensional matrix insulation products the Silent Roof material, installed on top of your existing roof Dramatically Reduces rain noise before it occurs. Rain noise on these types of roof structures is a nuisance in many different environments, industrial factory units, schools, the filming sector, commercial offices and the like.
A Silent Roof installation is swiftly completed, and all installation activity takes place on the exterior of the building so as not to interfere with the activities below the roof in question.
TV & FILM STUDIO GROUP specialists in temporary structures, studio fit-outs, acoustic treatments and event production Worldwide. TV and Film Studio Group are experts in soundproof installation, acoustic treatments, studio fit outs, erecting semi-permanent buildings and temporary structures such as pop-up studios, workshops, socially distant dining rooms and other ancillary buildings. Their experience and professional commitment make them the perfect fit for installing the Silent Roof material and they have successfully applied the Silent Roof material to a number of warehouses, barns, TV and Film studio roofs and are the recommended installer of the Silent Roof material.
Previous installations of the Silent Roof material include many film and television productions; ‘1917' Sam Mendes Movie, The Batman at Leavesden Studios, HS2 safety training studio and lots more.
Below are just 3 case studies of installations we have completed, please click on the photos to view further information regarding these case studies.

 The Film Industry - Visit Our Blog

Are you involved with The Film Industry? 

Is Rain Noise a problem for you?     We have the solution on how to stop rain noise.

The Monster Roof’
In the spring of 2018, we received an enquiry that asked:-
“Hi… This may be an odd one. I have a large warehouse that we want to sound proof from the rain and we cannot install anything internally so the normal insulation methods don’t work. Could your Silent Roof Material be fitted externally to a metal warehouse roof please?”

This enquiry developed into the first Silent Roof installation associated with sound recording within the Film Industry. It transpired that the ‘large warehouse’ AKA The Monster had been acquired to house a set for filming. This is a series to be released by Sky Atlantic later in 2019. Silent Roof delivered a solution to the problem of rain noise emanating from hard surface roof structures. Rain noise would adversely affect the recording activities of the filming crew in the set beneath the warehouse roof. So successful was this installation that other enquiries followed again associated with the Film Industry. Early in 2019, the new Sam Mendes production ‘1917’ from Storyworks has engaged Silent Roof Ltd to provide,  Rain Noise Reduction Technology to filming locations in the Salisbury area of the UK.

Silent Roof in the USA 

Moffett Productions based in the USA and have used our product on their film studio in Houston, Texas. We will monitor the experience of Moffett Productions with interest.     

Do you have a similar situation? Contact Us – We have the solution – No more rain noise interruptions.

The Acoustic Insulation Question

Rain noise is transferred to us in the form of sound waves. During rain fall a variety of frequencies relating to the impact of rain drops on to the roof surface are produced. The existing roof structure will be acting as a soundproofing material in some capacity but perhaps rain noise control was not a primary consideration when the roof in question was constructed. When confronted with attempting to soundproof a roof against rain noise, the first consideration will most likely be to add acoustic materials to combat the range of frequencies of sound (rain noise), that is emanating from the roof structure. Any structure will vibrate at certain frequencies, the roofing panels be they metal or composite will behave like a drum skin and when impacted will produce sound. Is it not logical therefore to introduce acoustic treatment materials that are designed to  tackle this noise problem head on.
The conventional approach would be to add mass to the roof. We all know intuitively that a thicker roof or wall will inhibit the propagation of noise (sound waves). So make the roof thicker to attenuate the noise level produced by rain fall, is this not the obvious answer?  The most well-known law of soundproofing is the Mass Law. This states that by doubling the weight of the acoustic barrier you will gain approximately a 6dB improvement in sound attenuation.  In other words, if you doubled the size of a brick wall, for instance, you would obtain around a 30-40% improvement in soundproofing.  Likewise with a roof, but now we have to consider the additional loading we are about to introduce, can the roof support this additional loading and at what cost and at what effort?
Adding mass to the roof is being considered to address the problem of rain noise AFTER it has occurred. An alternative solution would be to prevent the rain noise BEFORE it occurs? Silent Roof Material (SRM) does exactly that as it is installed on the OUTSIDE of the roof on top of the existing roof surface intercepting the falling rain. Furthermore, SRM only weighs 800gms per square metre, any roof structure should be able to support this minimal addition. So instead of adding mass, how is the Silent Roof approach going to work?
Silent Roof Material (SRM) is a unique product that in simple terms quietly shatters falling rain drops on it’s upper smooth surface without transferring the impact noise produced to the roof surface beneath. The rain water then trickles through the lattice of the SRM then drips quietly on to the original roof surface and away in to the rain water drainage system. Silent Roof will stop the great majority of rain noise on any roofing structure to a mere whisper. The material is black in colour and is UV stabilised. Due to the flexible properties of the material it can be utilised on any surface be it flat or curved. We have developed various means of securing the material to a variety of surfaces.
A Technical Description
‘The Silent Roof material is a flexible, multi-dimensional material, produced from polyamide filaments bonded together where they cross to form a tough, open lattice. It has a flat back on one side produced from filaments in an irregular, two-dimensional structure which is thermally bonded to the multi-dimensional structure.

Profile Metal Roofing Structures are covered completely with continuous lengths of black Silent Roof material, each length is secured to it’s neighbour and anchored at the extremities. Due to the open lattice structure of the material it presents very little wind resistance therefore being unaffected by inclement weather conditions.
Reuse - A Unique Property
Silent Roof can be relocated. This reuse is a unique property of Silent Roof Material (SRM). When you purchase any amount of SRM, you do so in the knowledge that it can be relocated to a different roof structure as and when you require. This is not the case for virtually all other treatments utilised to attenuate the effect of rain noise on roof structures.
The usual approach is to attempt to reduce the level of noise pollution AFTER it has occurred by adding acoustic noise reduction spray layer(s) for instance to the underside of the roof structure.
Silent Roof Material applied to the outside surface of the roof structure, stops rain drops impacting on the roof surface so dramatically reducing the resultant rain noise BEFORE it occurs.
You then have the option to roll up the SRM, transport it to another location and utilise it and it’s rain noise reduction properties again, and again, and again… One purchase, multiple applications.
What other product possesses this property of reuse in relation to rain noise pollution?    To our knowledge, NONE.
The picture to the right is where the Silent Roof Material was re-located from the Monster Roof in Southall and re-fitted it to the old Ignition Building in Wembley, the picture to the right is the before and after the Silent Roof Material had been fitted to the old Ignition building.
All of this was done in 6 days from start to finish.

We are based on the south coast of England, you however may have a project in mind at some other location outside of the UK. If you have a situation where rain noise from a roof structure is affecting the work space or living area beneath,  We can arrange to export our Silent Roof material to your location wherever it may be world wide.

Installation of the Silent Roof material is simplicity itself and you would be guided every step of the way by our on-line or telephone support if and when required.

The Silent Roof Material (SRM) is supplied in bales 1 metre in width and up to a maximum of 60 metres in length. A square metre of SRM is 800g and it is 17mm thick.  Bales can be delivered pre-cut to any length you require for your project be it a flat, pitched, barrel profile roof area.
Contact us now for pricing and delivery information. 
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Just a few of the companies we have or are currently working with
What is the weight of the SR material
What is the weight of a Silent Roof installation? The weight of the Silent Roof material is only 800g per square metre. It is not absorbent so will not retain rain water to add to the loading on a given roof structure. 
What are the 'U' & 'R' values
With respect to our Silent Roof Material, the ‘U’ and ‘R’ values of the material are insignificant when considering it’s specific use which is to significantly reduce the noise created by rainfall impacting on to a roof surface. The Silent Roof material is not designed to be a thermal insulation product.
U-factor and U-value are interchangeable terms referring to a measure of the heat gain or loss through a material due to the difference between inner and outer air temperatures of the material in question. U-factor or U-value is also referred to as the overall coefficient of heat transfer. A lower U-value indicates better insulating properties. The units are Btu/(hr)(ft2)(°F). The Silent Roof material was not designed to be an insulator therefore the ‘U’ value of the material has not been calculated. 
Product Information / Specs Sheet
How long does it take to install
How long does it take to install a Silent Roof. When installed on Profile Metal Roofing (PMR) structures and the like,  the Silent Roof Material (SRM) is simply rolled out across the roof from eave to eave up and over the ridge of the roof. Each ‘strip’ will be 1m wide. The next strip is laid upside-down on to the first strip and ‘stitched’ together using PVC cable ties. This strip is then flipped over to lie adjacent to it’s neighbour and the process repeated. Using this method a considerable area of roof can be covered with SRM in relatively short period of time typically 60 square metres per hour with a team of two fitters is typical. 
Silent Roof delivery time
Silent Roof delivery time from the production plant to our UK base will take between 3 and 6 weeks after receiving your confirmed order depending upon the current work load 
The expected lifetime of a Silent Roof
We have installations that are now ten years old and show no signs of degradation. To assist longevity periodic cleaning is recommended to remove debris from the material matrix. 
An Installation Guide
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